Holy amaze-balls, I’m writin’ a blog. I hadn’t imagined myself as the blogging kind, but I started reading some other folk’s blogs and I became immersed in the culture. There’s so much we can learn from one another. We can grow from each other’s mistakes and celebrate in one another’s victories. I’m kind of addicted to the camaraderie.

I have admired the stark honesty that emerges from stories of moms in crisis, kids who are scared, and friends who make us laugh at ourselves. People have been brave and bold as they put their hearts and spirits on display for all to witness. It’s pretty powerful stuff.

And I want in.

I promise I won’t hold back. I, too, will be honest and brave. The name says it all: Positively Paige.

This blog will be unvarnished. It won’t always be shiny. There may be some not-so-glossy traits and thoughts that reveal themselves. To ignore those sides of me is futile. If I want the blog to be honest, I must embrace my whole journey. In my gut I believe it will be liberating.

However, I am basically a positive person. I believe in putting out what you want to get back from the Universe. Stop gagging, it’s true! And thankfully, I have a very happy life. That is the untarnished part of me. The part that is indeed sunny, not jaded, and very hopeful.

I won’t always be the perky, bubbly person you know from TV. But I will always be real and I’m betting you’ll prefer that anyway. Don’t you just want to strangle those eternally happy Pollyanna types sometimes? Ha!

So pour a glass of your favorite adult beverage (mine happens to be a gin martini) and pull up a chair. Join me for the joys, the disappointments, the failures, and the triumphs. Let’s get to know one another — unvarnished, untarnished, and for real.

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