My husband recently got this fortune in his cookie: “Don’t let your limitations overshadow your talents.”

He shared it with me because he knows I’ve been going through a hard time out here in LA, struggling through pilot season.

I recently had a crappy audition.

Like super crappy.

Like epic fail crappy.

I was so embarrassed that the moment I got outside the building I burst into tears. The problem was simply that I was in over my head. There was a very high skill level of improv needed in the audition. Mind you, I do indeed have a background in improv. I was in a class years ago. Yes, years. Too long ago because improv is a skill you need to keep up with. It takes practice and exercise and I am simply very much out of practice, so I failed in the room. I cried because I wish I hadn’t – hadn’t melted down, hadn’t imploded, hadn’t buckled under the pressure.

I haven’t had many auditions/opportunities during this pilot season, so I was more than a little bummed that one was wasted by a poor performance. That definitely fueled the tears, too.

But Patrick always has a way of reminding me that I’m special. He makes me feel like I’m a star no matter what. So, maybe I lost that job, but my fortunes are mighty…and as sweet as a cookie.


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