Lisa AdamsMy friend Lisa has always just been, my friend, Lisa. Honestly, we were never even that close. Certainly closer than acquaintances, but not besties or anything like that. I knew her from dance class — we’d dance and catch up afterward as our sweaty bodies cooled down from the class. We had some mutual friends. I’d been to her apartment for a party. You know, my friend, Lisa.

Well, wouldn’t you know it…Lisa is a genius. Recently, she started a blog (shameless plug: you can find it at which completely sucked me in. Because she is a cook and a caterer, it’s essentially a food blog, but let me tell you, it is so much more than just a food blog.

I have been touched and tickled by her insights and musings. She always finds a clever or personal way to enrich her posts about recipes with meaningful allegories or metaphors. She’s never preachy or almighty, just honest and open. Her blog is sweet, rich, delightful, and relatable – very much like her food and her personality.

Paige and Lisa

I am blown away by the skills and depth in this friend of mine. I love that I’ve had this delicious surprise in my life.

And now I am not only her friend. I am her fan.

You can find and follow Lisa here:





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