I just saw this Rotten Ecard:

Rotten Ecards

At first I was a little thrown. Typically Rotten Ecards are funny and begin with statements that pivot into quick-witted remarks or satirical jokes. But this Ecard had a deeper more righteous punch. I wasn’t only thrown by the Ecard, I felt a little patronized by it. I saw it as finger-wagging, if you will, an adult version of what we often say to kids:

Turn that frown upside down or It takes more muscles to frown than to smile.

But does it?

Sure, it does take more muscles to create a frown on your face than it does to make a smile. But figuratively is that true? Because isn’t that what those sayings are implying?

I suppose metaphysically it is indeed true. The amount of quantum energy going out into the universe is probably the same whether you’re expelling positive vibes or negative ones. But I am not convinced that it is easier to be positive than to be negative. In fact, I say it’s a great deal easier to be negative.

Think about it . . . How fast can a group of employees start griping about a boss? How natural is it to sigh at the amount of work that has to be accomplished by a deadline? How quickly do we snap at our children, our spouses, our parents? How immediate is our disgruntled moan at the onset of traffic?

It takes a decided presence of mind to pause, breathe, and remember our blessings. Keeping things in perspective is a challenge and this stuff ain’t easy.

Have you ever been in a fabulous mood, skipping through life, singing in the rain, and saying to yourself, “Stop. Take a minute. Remember, things are annoying, dismal, and shitty”? The answer is never.

Real effort, focus, and pause are needed when we have to shift upward, not the other way around.

I mean geez, the force of gravity alone is literally pulling us down at all times. Judging solely by this science, the data presents that sheer will is what keeps us upright at all. We actually have to decide to sit up, stand up, or get out of bed.

I do believe in the concepts of staying positive, seeing the silver lining around a cloud, and being grateful. It is wasted energy to wallow in negative thoughts, drown ourselves in worry, or hold grudges. But I don’t believe the amount of work it takes to accomplish those things is equal.

If you have a smile instead of a frown – in spite of deadlines and chores and being sick and past due bills and all the other daily grinds that tug at us with an almost evil intent to drag us down — you should celebrate that accomplishment. You should hold your head high and be proud . . . against all gravitational pull in the opposite direction.

The reason it makes you strong is because it is no small feat.

No small feat, indeed.



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