You know when you run into a friend you haven’t seen for a while and you’re both so happy to reunite? You stand for a long time gabbing, catching up, maybe even making yourself late for your next appointment in order to relish in the good fortune of having had the encounter. Then as you part, you each profess genuine intentions to not let so many days, weeks, months, years go before you see each other again. “Yeah, let’s get together again soon!” “Definitely!”

But it never comes to pass. In this day and age of non-committal plans, we find ourselves with good intentions, but always penciling them in, never planning in advance, protecting our schedules just in case.We live in a world of “We should do that!” yet we never do.

Lately, I’ve been fighting that convenient urge to rely on the intention. I’ve been making full, in ink, commitments. When those random opportunities present themselves, I follow up and commit to a real time to get together and have a meaningful connection.

I recently grabbed a smoothie at the gym with a director friend I hadn’t seen in many years. I planned brunch with a cast mate I ran into on the street. And when my friend Diana told me she had purchased a cheese making kit for us, I jumped up and down with excitement because I love cheese and then I jumped at the chance to spend some quality time with her, so we booked the date! Usually when I see Diana, it’s with a larger group of friends. This time it was just her and me. It was incredibly rewarding to set aside the time.

And as you’ll see, it was delicious too…



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