Today is not a particularly special day for me to be thinking about my friend Denise. It isn’t her birthday. It isn’t an anniversary of any kind. It isn’t even the anniversary of her funeral or of the day she died of an aneurysm in her brain over three years ago. But there are days, random days, days like today apparently, that she pops into my head.


In life, she was a wonderful mentor to me as I took on television for the first time in my career. She was by my side through Trading Spaces and I truly believe she developed me into the host I am. (I mean a good host, in case anyone was wondering. LOL.) Dare I say, she influenced the woman I am.

And even in death she speaks to me.

Whenever I need confidence in a new situation, I think of how she believed in me. Whenever I need to be brave, I think of the trails she blazed in her own life. She showed us what it meant to be “all in” through her own example. And whenever I want to feel powerful, I remember her inherent strength, and I tear a lesson out of her playbook.

She was, is, and will ever be the mentor that saw and developed my passion, commitment, and drive. Her presence affects me to this day even though she is gone.

So, on this random day, for no reason whatsoever, I want to give a shout out to my dear friend. I’m thinking of you today, Denise, as I so often do.

I miss you. I love you.


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