Lately, I’m noticing a well-spring of articles and programs dedicated to the discussion of how girls and women are undermined by seemingly innocuous everyday societal norms. There was the glorious docu-style viral spot by Always that asked, “What does it mean to do something like a girl?” And how ‘bout that Verizon commercial, Inspire Her Mind, showing how girls are taught early on not to believe their contributions are valuable.  There was this incredible blog post by Stephanie Giese comparing girls and boys clothing. And among numerous others, an insightful article written by Yashar Ali, Why Women Aren’t Crazy, which I am featuring today in my own blog.

I’ll keep this intro brief because I’d like to assure you take time to read the article. Yashar reflects very clearly and succinctly about the subversive ways women are lessened on a daily basis.

This is not a man-bashing extravaganza. In fact, the article was written by a man. It’s simply a thought-provoking look at how deep-rooted beliefs and societal norms have a lasting effect on the psyche of girls and women. Our spirits are often crippled before we’re even aware that it’s happening. I relate to and understand much of what he writes about. Women aren’t crazy. We’ve just been made to believe we are. I greatly appreciate that Yashar has shared his views on this topic.

Read the article here:


The Confidence Code




Also, I recommend The Confidence Code by Katty Kay & Claire Shipman. It is a timely and powerful book on the essential quality of confidence and why it is so elusive for many women. It’s a mind-blowing read that compliments the thoughts proposed in Yashar Ali’s article.



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