The original idea for this week’s blog is important to me, but I can’t seem to care about it today. It’s a subject that matters to me for sure, but it can wait. Today I’m not feeling compelled to write about anything troublesome in our society or revealing of raw truths about myself.

Today I just want to write about one thing . . . my sister.

Today is her birthday. (As I’m writing this, I mean, not actually as you’re reading it). I wish somehow there were words to explain how deeply I love her, admire her, and cherish her.

In a little while, when I call her to wish her a happy birthday, I’ll tell her I love her. But those three words — though they mean so much — will never capture the depth of love and aching I carry for her in my heart.

Paige Davis and sister Brooke

It helps me understand how my mom and my aunt feel when I visit them. My aunt is always saying to me, “I wish you’d stay longer.” I really understand that longing because whenever Brooke drives up from Doylestown to visit me in New York I’m always begging her to stay longer. But that’s the way of the world. Everyone’s got their own schedules and lives.

It’s funny, she is six years younger than me, so I often treat her with a maternal love; but she is much more mature than me . . . more loving, patient, and thoughtful than I will probably ever be. There are countless times that I have leaned on her strength, depended on her guidance, and trusted her instincts.

So today’s blog is in tribute to her . . . my generous, amazing sister. Who listens without judgment, who drives hours on little to no sleep to be with me or family when we want her close, who is the best damn gift-giver EVER! (Like seriously, she nails it on the head in a way that makes me think she must have some sort of super power.)  And who somehow managed to become one of my best friends, even after having wrestling matches in our youth that could rival world-class fights in a ring. LOL!

There are Hallmark cards that try to capture the love between sisters. They all apply to how I feel about Brooke. But somehow a cheesy card makes it feel, well . . . cheesy. My sister is way too cool for that. But I hope she knows I feel all of those things and more. And I will forever.


Paige Davis 1978 Halloween



This is me and Brooke as Raggedy Ann and Andy for Halloween circa 1978. Talk about a #TBT!

Notice how even at her tender young age she already looks cooler than me. As I’m trying to smile, her face is saying, “What in the world have you done to me, Mom? I look like an idiot. Just give me the candy already.”




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