Full disclosure up front. The title of today’s blog is stolen, because today’s blog is inspired by a guest blog featured on someone else’s blog. (How’s that for degrees of separation?!) And the title, well, it’s just too good not to copy. Martha Graham always said, “If you’re gonna steal, steal from the best.”

My friend, Lisa Adams, featured a guest writer on her blog, All Good Things. I could relate to so much of what Christopher Windom was saying in his feature. He spoke about a new mantra he adopted as he came to terms with his Depression and broke free of some weight in his life. His new mantra became Save The Best For First.

I do not relate to Depression, per se. But I do relate to the idea of organizing, curating, and holding onto only those things you truly love in order to simplify and gain control over the paralyzing burdens in your mind. The act of purging all extraneous items from your life can aid you in feeling more focused, more intention based, and more in line with what you really want and need.

When I purge my closet every few months (yes, I do that), I always feel lighter, more in touch with my true self, and more in line with what I really believe, because I hold onto only that which I really love. It has a much greater effect on my life and spirit than just a clean closet. Like Christopher says, everyday becomes a day I wear something I love, not just something I have. And everyday feels a little more awesome because of it.

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I applaud how Christopher takes this philosophy and even applies it to making a grilled cheese sandwich. He selects and uses only the ingredients that will make an amazing, jump up and slap yo mama, perfect grilled cheese sandwich. Even the simplest task is made more special when done with care and joy.

Now, instead of a grilled cheese sandwich being just melted cheese and bread, it’s turned into an experience that nurtures his spirit and makes it seem more worthwhile. And let’s be honest, the recipe he shares in the blog doesn’t take any longer to make than the bourgeois example he compares it to. And I bet he’s sure to serve it on a favorite plate too, maybe even with a napkin that is a pretty color or has a cool pattern. See, little details all go into the planning to produce an amazing meal or day or week or year, essentially an amazing life.

I relate to Christopher’s story with the philosophy that life is in the details. The little things do make a difference. I gain peace over emotional demons through practicing and cherishing the little things that make up my daily experience. This includes my surroundings, the décor of my home, the clothes in my closet, the utensils and tools in my kitchen, all of it. People think I’m persnickety, but I think I’m selective and cherishing of every detail.

For me it’s an ongoing circle of influence. The big things (like fear or sadness or worry) make me appreciate the little things that bring me solace. And the little things (like a favorite pillow or dress or kitchen knife) help center and balance my spirit in order to handle the big things.

Start thinking about things in this way. It will have a huge affect on your outlook, I promise. And share your favorite things here. I’d love to know which items in your life really make your heart sing!


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