Sometimes, often times, I am overwhelmed with sadness as I think about the under represented souls in our world, in our own country, who are stricken with poverty, hunger, and loss of hope. I wonder what I can do. I give money. I volunteer. I work to address the pain I see in my own city, my own neighborhood. Sometimes major triumphs happen with minor effort. Those are fulfilling moments. Sometimes major efforts lead to little result. Those are challenging moments. But I keep following the leaders of charities and organizations I believe in to aid them in their calling. Little by little we make a difference.

Paige Davis volunteers at St. Michael's Saturday Kitchen

My friend Stuart and I actually volunteer here year round, but here is a big group from last year’s holiday meal served at St. Michael’s Saturday Kitchen. (Look, you’ll see Patrick and Stuart in this pic. xox)


I think about these things all the time, but especially when holidays like Thanksgiving roll around, I am overcome with even more sympathy for those less fortunate. Many of us offer extra of ourselves at this time in an attempt to soften the despair during the holiday itself, but for the most part we go along our way enjoying our holiday, feeling we did our part by pitching in one day with pies or money or serving at a soup kitchen.

For those who are suffering, the despair does not go away when we head off to our own warm homes and abundant tables. I am so aware of this hard truth. It makes me deeply grateful for the good fortune I have in my life. During this week I will take stock of my blessings.


Paige Davis having fun in the serving line at the food kitchen.

Leave it to us to make a serving line fun.


I will not be with family this particular Thanksgiving. I will miss them, but I will be with Patrick, little Georgie, and dear friends. It’s going to be a delightful celebration. I am thankful for the love and wealth of happiness I experience every day of the year, not just on Thanksgiving. I know people throw around the word “blessed” a lot. But that’s really how I feel. My darkest days could be considered another person’s brightest. I’ll never understand why I am favored with the bounty of love and prosperity I enjoy, but I cherish it every morning I wake up and every night I lay down to sleep.

Paige Davis shares her Thanksgiving with friends.

Patrick and I will be with these chumps on Thanksgiving Day this year.


Funny, just typing it doesn’t seem to encompass what I mean? I’m not even sure what I wrote is what I intended to write when I sat down. It is difficult to capture in words the feelings that run so deep. But somehow, I think you understand. I’m thankful to have this platform to meagerly express those thoughts and feelings each week. You have been an embracing and supportive audience and have given me yet another reason to be grateful. Thank you.

Paige Davis shares the beautiful Thanksgiving centerpiece from a recent celebration with friends.

Here is the holiday table Stuart decorated the last time I had Thanksgiving with them at their friend’s house. Brian does his part, I mean, just a small part, by doing all the cooking. Haha.


Happy Thanksgiving to you all.


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