Wanna take a quick break from the hassle and stress of preparing for the holiday? How ‘bout watching a few of my favorite holiday videos going around this year. But I warn you, tears may fall. You should see me each morning scrolling through my Facebook feed coming across these videos. The sentimentality at this time of year is through the roof, and I am a huge sucker for it.

How ‘bout getting in the spirit with this gem? Unsuspecting grocery shoppers taking in the wonder of what was ultimately hours and hours of practice and preparation to create this joyous surprise. I was really moved by the joy and light brought to what can normally be a humdrum chore:

This is a clever surprise given by a local police department as they stop people for traffic violations, turning rotten days into fabulous ones:

And this guy who just wants in on the action:

Anyone catch this wonderful video featuring the most adorable child of all time? I cried for like 10 minutes after watching this:

And finally, a sweet way to show that a present doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. It just has to be personal, and given with thought and care:

Be sure to post your favorites too in the comments section so we can all enjoy and keep the happy tears flowing!

A happy, sentimental, surprise-filled holiday season to you all.

Love, Paige

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