I owe a huge shout out and thank you to @amysuuuue. She heard an interview I did with @JennyMcCarthy on @SIRIUSXM where I mentioned my dream to be on Dancing with the Stars. It would be a dream come true. She has taken it upon herself to start a petition. I have no idea how a petition might help me — though of course I’d love for you to sign it — but it means the world to me that someone else cares as much about my dream as I do . . . enough to take action in my favor.

I refer to the people above using their “handles” because I’m struck by how social media has become such a player in our lives. Using it correctly allows you to reach so many people. When used with good intent, it’s a remarkable tool — like to gain support for a charity or to inform a large number of people about something important or just to campaign for something you want. (Like say, seeing a favorite celebrity cast on a dance competition show.) When used with ill intent it can be a weapon in your arsenal to bully someone or spread negative propaganda. Same as anything else, it can be used for good or evil. Either way, it’s extremely powerful. And it’s here to stay . . . at least for now anyway.

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I resisted the social media thing for a long time, but it’s become a necessary tool in my world of entertainment and show business. Without my presence in the cyber community I would virtually not exist. Haha, I just got the irony of that . . . I now “virtually” exist. LOL. Oh, I slay myself.

Anyway, it’s even affecting whether or not actors get jobs. The more “followers” you have, the more ability you have to promote the project on your own media outlets. It’s free advertising for the production, if you will. Obviously, it’s not the end all, be all, but all things being equal, one’s social media presence can tip the scales in an actor’s favor, especially in the hosting and commercial side of the business.

It’s an interesting world we live in. I easily get sucked into the mire of it all. And I don’t just mean the hours I get transfixed on Pintrest or watching puppy videos that pop up on my Facebook feed. I mean the obligation and the demand to keep up with the whirlwind. But it’s not much fun if we feel trapped by it. Social media is a wonderful, fun, connective tool, that when used right can actually bring us closer, not further apart. I can honestly say Facebook has kept me informed and in touch with friends, good friends, that might otherwise slip through the cracks if our only mode of contact was letter writing or phone calls. I love it. So go ahead, comment on this blog, by all means sign the petition, share it on your own social media platforms (please, and thank you), watch hilarious videos, and look at pictures of your friends’ latest excursions. But before your eyes turn squirrelly, step away from the screen, call a friend, and talk to them directly. Even plan to meet for lunch so you actually talk face to face, not just via text.

Then at the restaurant be sure to take a #selfie. Just kidding. Sort of.

Paige Davis Petition

Please sign the petition here.

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