I just spent the morning laughing and crying, mostly crying, at videos on YouTube. I say mostly crying because I tend to cry even when I’m happy or laughing. Do you do that, too?

I first watched the DashCam Confessional of the cop lip syncing Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off in his patrol car. That had me almost pissing my pants. It was a marvelous way to start my day. I was laughing out loud. Not LOL, I mean, like literally laughing out loud. It’s hilarious how he regains his composure each time he encounters a pedestrian or passing car. My confession? I’ve watched it three times already.


Then I watched a grandma dancing in the kitchen while preparing lunch. That’d be funny enough, but add to it she’s dancing to Ice Ice Baby and you’ve got a home run. I kept thinking, that’ll be me at that age. At least, I hope so!



And who doesn’t love a good wedding video. I was in happy tears watching this couple blow away their guests by recreating the final dance in Dirty Dancing for their own first dance at the reception. They even get their friends involved at the end. Full disclosure, Dirty Dancing is on my list of top ten movies, but still . . . I mean, come on. The dance is so clever and sweet. There was me . . . sobbing at my laptop.

I bet many of you do laugh out loud and drop tears while watching videos on YouTube, too. That’s because you relate to what you’re watching. We connect with certain videos because they reckon in us something we wish, something we dream, or something we simply understand. They go viral when they tap into something we all feel, experience, and recognize. Frankly, that includes every emotion I can think of.

So, though I haven’t dealt with a parent who has Alzheimer’s, I can watch this beautiful music video and acknowledge what it must feel like to lose your dad before he’s gone. I can relate because I can imagine myself in those same shoes.

Because no matter what our race, creed, orientation, or age there are things that are simply human. We identify with those things that are part of the human experience. No matter where we hail from, we start with more in common than not. We all laugh. We all love. We all cry. We all feel. We are all the same inside.


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