Reinforcements. It's a school supply and a metaphor. Heehee.

Reinforcements. It’s a school supply and a metaphor. Heehee.

I have the greatest friends. I just love them. They have open minds and open hearts and so much to give. Whenever I’ve needed them to step up, they have, whether it’s for me or in support of something I care about.

You all probably know that I’ve been neck deep in Operation Backpack over these past few weeks. Now, don’t stop reading. I’m not gonna ask you for money. Well, I might, but not at least until the end, so hang in there with me.

The other day I put out a smoke signal begging for help down at our sort space for Operation Backpack. It looked like this . . .

My Facebook status.

My Facebook status.

And what I response I got!

My friend Stuart showed up . . . He posted this pic on Facebook with the caption “Come volunteer with me and Paige Davis . . . or else! We have a hot pink utility knife and we know how to use it.

My friend, Stuart Moulton.

My friend, Stuart Moulton.

My friend Dana put out her own smoke signal and brought in reinforcements . . .

Nathaniel Daley and his kids.

Nathaniel Daley and his kids.

And Michael came to lend a hand too!

Dana Marie Ingraham with Nathaniel's kids and Michael Littig.

Dana Marie Ingraham with Nathaniel’s kids and Michael Littig.

My friend John trekked in all the way from Brooklyn! (No pic of him, darn. But I know he reads this blog, so hi, John. Mwah!)

And I have other friends who’ve risen to donate or tell me they’ll be down to the space to help sort and pack in the next couple weeks as we prepare the school supplies for these children in need. We’ll be packing 20,000 backpacks in all!!!!

Many of you don’t live here in NYC and can’t offer your services in the form of volunteer labor. That’s totally ok. You can still help! Now . . . the push for money. Ha!

It’s Back to School time . . . and for a lot of kids that’s a bummer. Not because the summer is over, but because they can’t afford the supplies required. Many children living in homeless shelters and without the means to purchase a backpack and school supplies will often skip school entirely due to misplaced shame and embarrassment. Operation Backpack is an amazing campaign run by Volunteers of America that helps fill a new backpack with the new grade-specific school supplies they need, allowing them to look and feel like their peers on that crucial first day of school, carrying themselves high, knowing someone believes in them and thinks their education is important, and a future is possible.

Please donate. Every single dollar helps. And every bit goes to giving these kids a fighting chance at breaking the cycle of poverty through education.

You can donate to my personal CrowdRise fundraiser page here: Paige’s Operation Backpack

Thank you so much!


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