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Oh, elusive sleep. It is 4:30am and you have left me. You left over two hours ago. Disappeared. Not be to found again, at least not today.

Insomnia is a bitch.

I consider myself fortunate when it comes to this dreadful onslaught of deprivation because I don’t suffer insomnia often, but wowza, when I do, I do not suffer it well.

All I can think about is how painful my day is going to be without the aid of restful, rejuvenating sleep. Is there anything more important to our ongoing health? Water. Ok, water. Hydration is like major. Food. Definitely. (I also suffer from “hangry” syndrome.) But other than that? I don’t think so. Sleep, glorious sleep is so vital.

And because I’m cranky and irritable I will undoubtedly eat something resembling comfort food which will send me into a shame spiral adding a certain self-lacerating admonition to my schedule. I’m not alone here, right? You’ve been there too, yes? Please, I’ve been there on a full night’s rest. I don’t really need an excuse to fall off the food wagon. But I digress . . .

Picture courtesy of Pinterest.

Picture courtesy of Pinterest.

Now, how do I stay present today? How do I not snap at my husband, heck, every person I see? How do I muster through what will feel like drudgery as I count down the minutes ‘til I’m back in bed for another shot at the almighty, all powerful, kingdom of dreams, sleep?

If I’m lucky I’ll get one of those second wind thingies. That could last a few hours. That’ll be nice. But oh, sleep. Real sleep is essential to our welfare, essential to our mood. So, if today you come across some pouty, grumpy, agitated, irritated, and curt person, cut them some slack. They may be running on zero sleep.

And I apologize in advance if that pouty, grumpy, agitated, irritated, and curt person is me.

I. Need. Sleep.

I. Need. Sleep.


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