Dear Denise,

I think about you all the time. I hear your words of wisdom in my head as I go to auditions and meetings, when I talk to friends we’ve shared, or when I’m reminiscing. Every single time I say “copy that” (your signature phrase), which I now say as often as you did, I see your face and hear your laugh.

But as Thanksgiving approaches each year I have a greater haunted tinge of sadness and pain remembering that this too was the time I’d hear that you had died. I think about your family and what this holiday means to them now.

Live life to the fullest. Always say I love you. Time is not guaranteed.

It was 5 years ago this week. And did you know we just celebrated the 15 year anniversary of when TRADING SPACES aired? Of course you know. I choose to believe you see all now. What wonderful, wild times we had. I knew then that you were special, clearly marked to achieve massive greatness. And your producer career after TS was as bright and spectacular as anyone could have predicted.

Your impact was immeasurable on those you touched, and the memory of you is strong because of it. You affected people. You generated lives for people. You gave your heart and soul to lead them, guide them, and protect them. You did all that for me too. And I will never forget you for it.

I love you.



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