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If You Want To Know Who We Are

I saw a matinee of The Mikado yesterday. Shout out to Patrick Page Studio alum, Adam Shapiro, who played KoKo. I didn’t know anything about the show beforehand other than it’s an old warhorse that’s rarely produced anymore. I found out that’s because through the years...

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The Power Of Language

Craig Sager was an American sports reporter known for his flamboyant, “preposterously garish jackets and suits” and fun personality. Sports fans were saddened to hear when Sager was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia in 2014. He went through bone marrow transplants...

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My New Obsession

Many of you already know that I am currently in rehearsal to play God in AN ACT OF GOD at the Arizona Theater Company. Feel free to bow. It’s being directed by Marsha Mason, which in and of itself is a dream come true, a pinch myself daily kind of experience. What...

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What If It Were You?

Imagine back to when you were in school. Imagine even more specifically walking in on the first day. The excitement, the buzz, the hopes. Remember unpacking all your school supplies into your desk or your locker. Remember what it was like to shop for them, too. I can...

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Don’t Go Changing

I may have done a dumb thing. No, not dumb. Just something I regret. Ok, now that I’ve got your attention . . . LOL. It was a silly thing. I got eyelash extensions. Innocent enough. I’m not someone who really needs them. I have long lovely lashes naturally. Just a few...

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A Firestorm

You guys know about Fire Island? It’s a vacation spot for many folks living in and around the New York metropolitan area. It’s a bit of trek to get there from the city. Not only is it a couple hours away via car or train, you can only complete your journey via ferry...

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Sharing Is Caring

My last blog entry was about the difference between a-ttention and in-tention as it pertains to how we relate to and understand our spouses’ actions and words. It garnered some nice responses from you. I was moved that you shared your own stories and experiences from...

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The Best of Intentions

I’ve mentioned before that Patrick and I have been going to a marriage counselor. It’s been really interesting. Initially we went for some specific issues and topics that were rearing their head in our relationship, but we’ve continued to go even now. I think I speak...

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54 at 54

My husband had his 54th birthday this week, but I ended up with a gift too, in the form of a life lesson. I had been having a tricky time figuring out what to get Patrick for his birthday. My friend Stuart sparked an idea to celebrate Patrick's 54th at 54 Below, a...

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That’s Chicago!

I’m coming to the end of my run in CHICAGO, the musical, on Broadway. Any fans out there living in NYC, near NYC, or are planning a trip to NYC, you have through this weekend to catch me as Roxie Hart. It’s been my run in CHICAGO that’s kind of kept me from posting...

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