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Unexpected Smiles

I was recently greeted at the stage door by a young man named Christopher following a performance of CHICAGO. He was eager to tell me he was a huge fan and to share with me his passions and excitement around acting, philanthropic efforts, and his new blog about...

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Hungry Don’t Take A Break

This past weekend the east coast was hit with a snowstorm. It left some damage in its wake, including the cancelling of all Broadway shows that day. Many things were cancelled, many businesses shut down. There were a few places wanting to remain open, to continue...

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Take Down The Halls

I grew up Jewish. After my parents divorce, my dad started having a Christmas tree again, but mainly Christmas was not something I participated in other than gazing starry-eyed at the Christmas decorations in the department stores. When Patrick and I got together that...

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Be Kind

Last week I wrote a blog consisting of two words. When I put it out there I thought I was being so brilliant. Why say too much? I still feel that way to some extent. All the noise, all the rhetoric, all the pontificating and preaching from our teachers, our...

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Dear Denise

Dear Denise, I think about you all the time. I hear your words of wisdom in my head as I go to auditions and meetings, when I talk to friends we've shared, or when I'm reminiscing. Every single time I say "copy that" (your signature phrase), which I now say as often...

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Never A Dull Moment

Call me biased, but New Yorkers are the best! I don’t know how people in this town got the reputation for being so unapproachable and mean. Ok, I’ll give you that New Yorkers are most often in a hurry. We expect things to go quickly, to never break our stride, and we...

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Hold On, But Wait, Come Back

I am a world-class worrier. If there is something to fret about, over analyze, lose sleep over, or in general anguish about, I will trump any one of you. I pick apart every thought, decision, and choice I make – not on a daily basis, not on an hourly basis, but on a...

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Best Week Ever

I was very down in the dumps a couple weeks ago. Feeling sorry for myself. Trying to take myself through all the self-help teachings I know from Tony Robbins to Brené Brown to counter the negative thoughts, to be grateful, to appreciate what I have, not focus on what...

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I Gotta Pee

I was talking with my friend Jill the other day about an unspoken code that women have with one another . . . when we have run ins and awkward social clashes with strangers, we level the playing field. If someone bumps us on a crowded street we say, “Oh, it’s ok, I...

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