I am a very blessed person for many reasons, among them is my loving husband, family, and gang of dear and loyal friends. But I think among my most treasured relationships is the one I have with my TV. There are times that I feel like television is my best friend. And as much as I love my career, it isn’t the making of television that I couldn’t live without . . . it’s the watching of it.

I am virtually incapable of being alone in my home without the TV being on. I would choose the noise of TV over music any day, AND I’M A DANCER! So, if you ask me, that’s really saying something about my need for the box.

Honestly, I would pay my cable bill before my phone bill because I simply do not want to live in a world without Big Bang Theory, Everybody Loves Raymond, and Drop Dead Diva.

Some of my favorite memories are from evenings watching TV. Who doesn’t remember Sam and Diane’s first kiss? Or when the Huxtable family sings the jazz hit Night and Day for their grandparent’s 49th anniversary.

I watched it again just now and unsurprisingly, I was laughing all over again. I even felt tears welling up in my eyes. Tears of joy remembering how elated and transported I felt the moment I saw it for the first time. And don’t we all wish our own families could be like The Cosby Show.

There’s an idealistic yearning that sitcoms provide. If only parents taught lessons the way they do on TV. If only spouses had arguments the way they do on TV. Let’s face it, who doesn’t wanna live in a world where everyone is funny and clever and witty and all things work out smoothly in the end with a catchy little theme song?

My husband didn’t watch much TV when he was growing up. When he told me he didn’t know what Cosby scene I was talking about, I half-jokingly said, “I’m going to have to break up with you now.”

TV keeps me company. I feel less lonely when I’m watching TV than I do while listening to music or even watching a movie. TV gives you a sense that you’re connected to the outside world in a way that music or movies don’t. Music and movies are a form of escape. Television is your one pal that comes over to chat whenever you’re in the mood for some company. And for that, I will always consider TV my friend.

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