I am being dominated by a powerful, all-possessing beast!

A mythological dragon?


A ferocious bear?


A three-year-old child?

Uh, no. 

What unruly, obstinate, controlling, manipulative, cunning, creature could be worse? My domesticated animal, known to all as a puppy. Yes, my 6-month old puppy rules the roost around here.

How does a 4 pound being manage to stop two grown adults in their tracks?! My friend Stuart and I took Georgie out for a walk the other day only to learn that walking would not be part of the equation.

Here’s a picture of our shadows…




We’re hands on hips, exhausted and mystified, with Georgie standing her ground and completely winning the battle, leaving me unsure if I should laugh or cry.

Of course, we’ve talked to her trainer and we’re now armed with lots of tricks of the trade and things are going to get better very soon. But wow. I don’t know whether to be aggravated or in complete awe of her power.

I have found that I so often give in, give up the fight, or do something even when I don’t want to do it in order to spare someone’s feelings or whatever. You know, the ol’ “it’s hard for women to say no” thing, but she was steadfast. Gotta admire a woman who sticks to her guns! She is audacious and mischievous and strong like bull. I need to take a few lessons from my pup!

For the record, she did indeed eventually run to us…


Who's The Boss Here?


It’s in these moments that I melt and fall in love with the little bitch.

Incidentally, here’s a picture of me while I was writing this very post. Submissive and docile and letter perfect.


Writing Buddy


More reason to fall in love with her, the little stinker.


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